We’re Adding Some Class to First Thursdays

Hey everyone! It is already that time again… First Thursday is just around the corner and we are adding a little class to our First Thursday open house, Classy cars that is. El Korah’s Classy Cars group will be show casing all types of old classic model cars that have been restored. Here is a story about one car enthusiasts passion for classy cars.

“I first got interested in 57 Chevy’s back in High school, late 1970s, so I started going to car shows and looking around for a car to buy. I came across a car that was in the back of a gas station with cats living in it and without an engine, transmission, and no left front fender, but everything else was there and original and I would be the second owner. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it, hey being 17 years old who knew how much work and money was ahead of me, but I wanted it real bad so I bought it for $25.00. I towed it home and started working on it and cleaning it up and finding out what I needed and what I had. In the next few years I became friends with another person that was restoring his 57 as well and had the 57 obsession as I did. Together we bought a few, not worth restoring, 57’s that we salvaged for parts. This allowed me to get everything I needed to get the car running and drivable. So between 1977 and 1995 the car was in various stages of restoration and during this time I got married and we had three great kids so my car obsession slowed down. In around 2001 I got more serious about our restoration and I decided to do a complete frame off. So we pulled the engine and transmission, removed every hood, fender, glass, trim, but and bolt, stripped off the paint down to the metal, and gutted the interior and carefully marked everything and took many photos along the way making sure I would be able to put everything back. So during that time I learned how to straighten and polish Stainless Steel, install glass, minor body work and paint, engine rebuilding, installed the interior, wiring, brake lines, etc. So we finally finished the restoration in 2007 and we are really proud of the car and what we accomplished. ”

Here are some pictures of the rebirth…

The finished product!

If you are interested in cars like this person, we would like to invite everyone that might be interested in showing or sharing your cars and/or trucks with the club and our Shrine. There are no year or model limitations in the club and it is open to anyone that is interested in and proud of showing off your vehicle. For more information about showing your car contact ken at krufesr@gmail.com

We hope to see you at this First Thursday May 5th starting at 5:00 at 1118 W. Idaho St.

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