Jakobe’s Story

This is an inspiring story of why the members of El Korah Shrine devote their time to a cause like Shriners. It makes a tremendous difference in so many lives. This is just one amazing story out of many. Thank you TJ and Jess for sharing your story!

On December 23, 2010, at our 20-week ultrasound, we were ecstatic to learn that we would be having a baby boy, our first child, in the spring.  The feelings of complete excitement we felt quickly plummeted when we were told that although our baby appeared healthy overall, he would be born with a moderately severe case of bilateral club foot deformity. We were completely caught off-guard and devastated as we had no idea what this condition was, why it happened, or if it could even be fixed.  We were quickly advised to see a foot specialist in our area to find out what could be done for our baby.

Upon researching the condition, we found out that both of our baby’s feet would be turned inward, similar to two golf clubs facing each other. There was also a chance that they would be almost backward-facing, too. However, we learned of a method commonly used by today’s specialists, which would be a fairly long and difficult process, but would more than likely correct the condition and eventually allow our son to lead a normal life. The one common theme between what the specialist had said and what we had read on the internet was the phrase “It will be very expensive.” We knew that it was a sacrifice necessary for our child and figured that we would just be left paying off medical bills for the rest of our lives.

Not long after, however, our spirits were lifted when we were told about the Shriners organization.  A family friend was able to give us helpful contact information to our local Shrine in Boise and we heard about the internationally-known club foot clinic in Salt Lake City at the Shriners Hospital for Children.  We were stunned when we were informed that they would help us with costs for procedures and even travel!

Please check back tomorrow for the second part of Jakobe’s story!

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