Part Two of Jakobe’s Story

Just 10 days after Jakobe was born, we headed off to Salt Lake City, Utah.When we arrived at the hospital, we were immediately sent in to start our journey. We were told that our son would be getting a series of plaster casts applied to his feet and legs weekly, have a small surgery to lengthen his Achilles tendon, and finally be put in braces until he was approximately three to four years old.  Moments later, the doctors gave Jakobe his first casts. Half an hour later, we had our next appointments scheduled and headed home.

Four more weeks of castings followed, each one manipulating Jakobe’s feet further in the opposite direction from each other.  By the last casts, his feet were turned so far in the opposite direction that they almost looked backward. Seeing Jakobe’s feet in this position was probably the most difficult part for us.

After five weeks of continuous castings, Jakobe had his surgery. The thought of having to see our newborn endure the pain of having his Achilles tendon cut all the way through was difficult to handle. Our doctor assured us that everything would be fine, and it was. In fact, Jakobe almost seemed relieved that the tightness was gone in his ankles. It was amazing to see how tiny the incisions were!

He was casted immediately following the surgery and wore this last set of casts for not one, but three weeks. We were very glad to finally see the casts go!

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