After the Holiday Safety By: Noble Michael Yavno

Leading disabling home injuries are from

  • Falls
  • Strains
  • Overexertion
  • Falling Objects


  • DO NOT ­– Use a chair when you should use a ladder
  • DO NOT – Carry any objects that are an “Overload”
  • DO NOT – Carry anything that obscures your vision


  • DO – Keep home aisles and walkways clear of snow, ice, wastebaskets, cords and boxes
  • DO – Close all kitchen and file cabinet drawers when done
  • DO – Clean up all spills in kitchen and bathroom areas, hallways and your work space in basements and garage areas
  • DO – Use a ladder or step-stool when needed
  • DO – Repair all loose carpeting and flooring
  • DO – Correct and eliminate hazards