After the Holiday Safety By: Noble Michael Yavno

Leading disabling home injuries are from

  • Falls
  • Strains
  • Overexertion
  • Falling Objects


  • DO NOT ­– Use a chair when you should use a ladder
  • DO NOT – Carry any objects that are an “Overload”
  • DO NOT – Carry anything that obscures your vision


  • DO – Keep home aisles and walkways clear of snow, ice, wastebaskets, cords and boxes
  • DO – Close all kitchen and file cabinet drawers when done
  • DO – Clean up all spills in kitchen and bathroom areas, hallways and your work space in basements and garage areas
  • DO – Use a ladder or step-stool when needed
  • DO – Repair all loose carpeting and flooring
  • DO – Correct and eliminate hazards



Carats for Caring

Carats for Caring was created in 2010 for two main reasons. First, to give women an excuse to have a girls night out for a great cause. The second reason was to raise money to send kids to the “Un-limb-ited” chance of a lifetime. For more information on Un-Limb-ited check out the previous post or this video.

The 2011 Carats for Caring  is the second annual event of its kind.  Lady Joyce Adams led the first Carats for Caring event last year which raised $10,000 that went to the Un-Limb-ited program.  She chose the Un-Limb-ited program to be the recipient of her fundraiser because it is an event that hits close to home for kids that are recipients of care from the  Shriners Hospitals for Children. With the help of the Divan wives and other ladies from the community the entire event was organized by volunteers and through cash donations they reached their goal of raising $10,000.

Last year Margo Vaughn, a local DJ with KHITs 107.1, donated her time pro bono to emcee the event.  She’s back with us this year and we are so excited to have her again for the event. Be sure to tune in for details on the event and listen to what Margo has going on in the morning.

The inaugural “Girls Night Out” was sold out a week before the event.  We set a goal to sell 200 tickets and sold them all.  This year, we’ve upped the ante to 300 tickets! Unlike last year, this year you can buy tickets online through wiztix. So be sure to get them online starting September first.

We look forward to pampering, wine tasting, appetizers, chocolate fountain, specialty shopping, door prizes, silent auction—and the evening’s crowning moment, drawing for an emerald pendant. All tickets purchased are entered into the drawing for the emerald pendant. Good luck and we hope to see you at Carats for Caring!

Here are some pictures from last years event.

For more pictures be sure to check out the Carats for Caring event page on Facebook.

Teens who are Un-Limb-ited

Un-Limb-ited is a program designed specifically for young adults (high school age) with amputation to attend winter and or summer recreational and therapeutic activities camps.  Un-Limb-ited focuses on encouraging high school aged young adults to better understand how to use their prosthetic through activities and sports. It has proved to further their social skills, build self-esteem, self-confidence and teach them that they individually are unlimited in their lives and opportunities. In a natural setting, camp also provides the opportunity to discuss with staff and peers issues common to teenage amputees. Check out what Un-Limb-ited has done for some of these young people.

Carats for Caring is a fundraiser that El Korah does to help raise money to support the Shriners Hospitals for Children Salt Lake City and the Un-Limb-ited Camps. We will be posting information about the event as the date grows closer. Be sure to check back for more updates.

History of the Jordan World Circus

By: Jordan World Circus

People have been going to circuses in this country for almost three hundred years! It has always been a popular form of family entertainment from the start, and continues so to this day. Where else can you see an elephant perform or a daring young lady hang by her teeth 25 feet in the air?

Philip Ashley started it all in 1768. John Ricketts built the first permanent circus building and in April 1793 brought this unique form of entertainment to the new world. By 1797 the circus parade, now only a grand memory, was born.

In 1825, the first tented circus was presented by producer J. Purdy Brown. Brown realized the potential of playing every day and the ease of moving the show the tent provided. He could now show to more people, therefore making more money. By 1829 trained exotic animals began appearing in the performances.

The next major advance in the circus world was the entry in 1857 of the Steam Calliope in the circus parade. It was loud and in the days before radio and television was a great way to let the people know that the circus was in town. Circuses in those days used colorful and large circus posters which they plastered all over town before the circus arrived. That is where the term “post no bills” came from, put up by angry building owners who did not want their building plastered with circus posters. The glue the bill posters used did not easily come off!

This was the beginning of the golden age of the circus. Around the turn of the century, there were over 100 circuses operating. Today there is less than thirty or forty left. The major sponsor of circus as charity events are the Shriners who began their association with the business in 1925 and that association continues to this day in cities and towns across the land.

This is only a brief sketch of the history of the circus. Today there are many options for family entertainment with TV, movies and the internet, but only the circus offers this unique, matchless brand of live family fun. When you attend a performance, you will be well entertained in modern but very traditional way and take away many memories for your whole family to treasure. Think about John Rickets in the long ago Philadelphia Building!

For more information on locations check out El Korah Circus.

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Come get the Red Carpet Treatment at El Korah

This Thursday, April 7th, El Korah will be rolling out the Red Carpet for you. Come and join us for First Thursday in Downtown Boise. We will have historical tours of our 100 year old building. Come learn about how the Shriners turned a barn that was burnt to ashes into the building it is today. Come take pictures in front of our large mural walls, painted by Illustrious Sir Harry Hopffgarten.

We will have different hats and costumes to take pictures in with your friends. We will be posting those pictures on our Facebook page for you to share with your friends. There are two drink specials, one called “THE SHRINERS” and the other is “FEZTASTIC” there will be $1.50 Coors and Bud Lights as well as appetizer specials to enjoy!

So come down April 7th starting at 5:00 pm and join us for a great downtown experience!

El Korah Helps Bus People to Better Health

The El Korah Shrine donates its 22 passenger bus to the Idaho State University- Meridian Health Science Center. Illustrious Sir Ray Westmoreland handed over the keys, so they could use the bus for the under-served populations, which are served through community health screenings. In addition, the bus can also provide transportation for various student group and faculty members to travel to main campus and/or to other clinical sites related to their academic disciplines and professional activities.


Shriners Hospitals are Revolutionizing Child Health Care

Shriners hospital gets new scanning technology

A boy undergoes a 3D skeletal scan at the Shriners hospital. (March 17, 2011)
A boy undergoes a 3D skeletal scan at the Shriners hospital. (March 17, 2011)

MONTREAL — Doctors at the Shriners Hospital in Montreal are showing off a new 3D imaging system that will help diagnosis children with skeletal problems.

The imaging system is fast, taking just 20 seconds to complete a full scan of a patient.

It also uses much less radiation than a standard chest X-ray.

Dr. Jean Ouellet, an orthopedic surgeon, says that alone is revolutionary.

“When you think about it, there’s the equivalent of a simple X-ray, a tenth of a dose, and we’re getting images that are better than a CT scan,” said Dr. Ouellet.

The image produced by the scanner is three-dimensional, which will greatly assist doctors trying to diagnose scoliosis or other bone problems in children.

Money for the scanner was raised by the Ladies of the Oriental Shrine, the women’s division of the Shriners.

For more information on how to become a Shriner visit

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Burn Victims Reunited With Heroes Under the Big Top

This touching story comes to us from Springfield Missouri. Two girls who were caught in a house fire and are receiving care at our Shrine Hospital in Cincinnati.  These girls were given the five star treatment.

It was a special night filled with surprises hosted by the Shriners, honoring two girls who were badly burned in a house fire.

Last week, KOLR/KSFX got an exclusive look at how Aleena, 8, and Alexia Havens, 5, are healing from a house fire in January.

The Shriners flew the girls to a hospital in Cincinnati and since have picked up all medical costs.

This week, tigers and trapeze artists helped put smiles back on the girls’ faces. It all started with a limo ride.

Their ride to the Shrine Circus would be one in style — a little luxury for girls looking to heal. Both were badly burned in a home two months ago.

Touch and go at times, but the Shriners are now making them feel like stars.

“When they got out of the limo out front we bought them, I started crying immediately,” says Shriner Tony Slavens. “Shriners — we’re all a bunch of grown men in a fraternity, but our hearts are with our kids.”

Monday kicks of four nights at the shrine circus to benefit Shiners Hospitals For Children.

“We call them our kids,” adds Slavens. “We have 22 hospitals and that’s all Shriners do, is support our philanthropy — our hospitals.”

The center ring — usually reserved clowns — for a moment made for the perfect reunion as the girls were reunited with the first responders who helped saver their lives that January day.

Then with bright eyes and big smiles, the Big Top began.

A night, it seems, filled with inspiration and circus strength from the stands just as much as the three rings.

For the next four days, every dollar of the $6 ticket will go to kids.

The Shriners have 22 hospitals and help treat kids for everything from cleft pallets to spinal injuries.

The Shriners will recognize other kids they have helped over the next couple of nights.

To see the video of the girls arriving at the circus visit


Story originally by Ozarks First, Jennifer Denman

Homeland Security Targets Shriners as Terrorist Group

There has been a lot of controversy about Shriners since  the attacks on 9/11. This is due to the arabic ties and traditions that Shriners practice. This is an article that was written about allocations made towards Shriners and what they stand for.

DECEMBER 28, 2010 5:21AM

WASHINGTON, D.C. The Department of Homeland Security has taken the first official steps to place the Shriners, a fraternal organization that uses Arabian motifs in its costumes and rituals, on its “Specially Designated Nationals” list, a move that would severely circumscribe the group’s activities in the U.S.

Napolitano:  “They throw candy at children!”

Department Secretary Janet Napolitano said the Shriners, whose official name is the “Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine,” scored a perfect “100” on Homeland Security’s “How to Spot a Terrorist Organization” secret decoder ring.

Mini-Mustangs slip easily under conventional radar.

“First, they wear funny hats,” she said. “Second, they claim to be a charity, as if we haven’t heard that one before. Third, they are organized into local cells that lay dormant until ordered into action by a central authority. Fourth, they ride those little motor scooters and throw candy at children–even al Qaeda doesn’t stoop that low.”

And they say it can’t happen here.

A reporter raised his hand to ask a question, but Napolitano cut him off for one final item. “Did I mention the funny hats?”

“Allahu Akbar!”

The Shriners are known for their use of miniaturized motor vehicles in parades and for their Middle Eastern garb, particularly the fez, a tapering felt hat with a tassel that hangs from its crown. “Nobody wears those things in America except for organ grinders’ monkeys,” Napolitano noted.

“They’ve invaded!”

Shriner officials denied any link to terrorism and said their charitable pursuits are genuine and not a front for illicit activities. “We are completely above-board, except with our wives,” said Supreme Excellent Master of the York Rite Clinton Koehn, a chiropractor in Keokuk, Iowa.  “They don’t know about the beer kegs in the lodge basement.”

Available in Kindle format on as part of the collection “The Lighter Side of Terrorism.”

(This article was originally found on

Help Raise 10K with a Click of a Button

Jeff Metler was a Shriners kid who grew up and is now trying to give back. He is willing to give $10,000.00 to Shriners Hospitals and all he is asking for in return is for you to “like” his fan page. For every “like” he will donate $1 to Shriners Hospitals. Click here to donate and watch the video of Jeff’s story.

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